Sync Photo Journal: Art Opening

Tonight I went with my mom to the opening night of the gallery I had recently submitted paintings to. My main reason for going was that there was a series of colorful abstract paintings that I saw while dropping off my submissions and I wanted to meet the artist and potentially make a new friend. I imagined they would be around my age and male based on their aesthetic. I told my girlfriend this and she thought I was being presumptuous- which I was.

My mom wandered off and ended up meeting up with a friend of hers from her master gardening course who she then introduced me to. Her friend was very informative- telling me of different opportunities to show art in the area. After a brief award ceremony for those who had won the juried competition the three of us walked around talking about some of the pieces. I saw one of the paintings that had previously caught my eye and headed towards it to get a look at the artist’s name. My mom’s friend proceeded to describe her process and I realized she was the artist I had come to meet. Ha! That was convenient.

So much for my preconceptions. As usual, things work out with more connectivity and less predictability than what is imagined in my head, and I am better off for that. She gave me a lot of good advice and recommendations to follow up on. It is nice to know that my mom has some cool friends here that I can be friends with also.


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