Dream Journal: Hand Writing

I became lucid last night while experiencing a rapid succession of DS(1)s. I could tell that I was still many hours from dawn and my chances of remembering the contents of the dreams were low unless I woke myself up, got out of bed, and wrote it all down. I brought myself close to waking and realized my body was way too comfortable in bed to rally for this mission, and besides, I’d interrupt the flow of imagery if I woke myself then. So, I just materialized a marker in the dream and began writing key words on the back of my hand to try and imprint into my memory. I kept looking down at my hand to find the marker rubbed away but a faint impression which I kept trying to retrace- eventually forgetting.

By the time I woke I completely forgot everything I was trying to remember, but it may come back to me later in the day if I keep thinking back to it.


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