Dream Journal: Haunting Melody

DS(2) in which I assumed the identity of a girl whose spirit was trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead. The environments were all dimly lit and time seemed to pass very slowly. I rarely find myself getting bored in dreams, but this dream was boring. I kept just wanting morning to come.

The dream switched to a DS(1) near the end in which I was in the “play room” at my grandparent’s old house. I almost teared up looking around at the old toys and board games- so many memories of times never to be revisited- except in dreams. Actually the play room is one of the most reoccurring dream environments I have, so no point in crying over it. As often happens in this room, a bunch of strangers (adults sort of within my general peer group) came in to play. Someone set up a video game console and loaded a game about being a ghost; trying to scare the living out of their houses (a RIPoff of Polterguy). The graphics were brightly lit cartoon animations, and the rules and logic of the game seemed very confusing. The opening involved picking a thread to follow to a portal which would open into one of several houses to haunt. I remember one part where the player had to play a spooky melody on an organ; one of family members who was trying to be spooked helped teach the ghost some music theory to make the melody more dissonant. “Now, that was scary!” He said proudly upon completion. Weird how the antagonist would help the protagonist to succeed in scaring them out of their own house.


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