Dream Journal: SIGINT

DS(1) in which my girlfriend and I were in an overcrowded classroom. I suppose it was art class because I was working on an art project, but there was no teacher, so it may have been study hall. There was a flat screen monitor on the wall. I was distracted for a moment by a commerical about some new autistic diagnosis that was being marketed towards maladaptive artists. They’ve got my number, I thought and considered looking up their website to find out what they were trying to sell me but then decided not to.

I put a mix on my headphones to drown out the television noise and focus on my project. I wasn’t sure what I was working on but it looked like a mechanical drawing and seemed to be schematics for something technologically beyond my comprehension. All of a sudden the music cut out and a man’s voice came through my headphones, “Eric, going to stop the music for a minute, using some clouds to bounce this to your location. I want you to consider a career in signals intelligence…” I looked around the room as the man continued giving me what seemed like a very strange job offer. He ended by stating he was going to download the mixes I was listening to- because he liked it or just wanted me to know he could monitor my activity? I wanted to tell my girlfriend but wasn’t sure if it would put her under scrutiny to know.

The sort of high school backdrop to the dream makes sense to be in my mind at the moment as I just received a box of things I’d saved from my high school years (2000-2004); the mysterious job offer, probably because I am looking for work at the moment.


Dream Journal: Taste Test

I became lucid last night while in a DS(1) which took place in an empty void. I was able to create colorful shapes and move them about as if painting in 3D. I was aware of my body laying in bed and could almost see the room even though my eyes were closed and my attention was simultaneously interacting with the dream space. I was hungry and so tried manifesting food,which I could taste vividly. This is the first time taste was a major impression while dreaming. While eating some chocolate I got the thought in my mind that perhaps this was going a little too far; that being able to experience taste in my dream could be a sign of a mental breakdown. But then I got over that concern and wondered what it’d be like to eat pussy while dreaming.

Dream Journal: Friends

A very long DS(1) involving a variety of locations in which many friends from many stages of my life appeared. The dream started in a forested outdoor location. For some reason, me finding a place in the woods to shit became a central concern. Every time I came close to finding a proper location, more friends would show up and I’d have to relocate behind a new tree. By the end of this, the woods were teaming with familiar faces and I was constipated from waiting so long. I wasn’t sure why everyone was in the woods until an old boss showed up and said, “what’s taking so long?”

“Just finishing up!” Someone responded, and I realized we were all out there clearing underbrush- only I’d spent an inordinate amount of time trying to go to the bathroom. I woke about this time and went to the bathroom. I wonder if I’d have shit the bed if I found a place to go in the dream?

Going back to sleep I reentered the same basic dream premise, but this time were at a party somewhere in the UK. Friends kept coming up to me to divulge their negative opinions of other friends. As in waking, it seemed there was very little cohesion in my social circle- most of my friends are not fond of my other friends. This is somewhat a source of anxiety but not really. Having a tightknit group of friends all endlessly jerking each other’s egos off seems unrealistic and like bad script writing.

After the party, Vor, my girlfriend, and I drove a bus, decked out with nautical equipment, across the countryside. Apparently the bus was Vor’s. He told me he had found a way to get it over to the UK cheaper than if he had flown. I tried to imagine how that worked. We got to the seaside and Vor drove out onto a long pier. I was anticipating him to park but he kept driving. For a second I thought he had fallen asleep at the wheel but we were mid conversation as he drove over the edge. We crashed into the ocean and I said, “Uh, did you mean to do that?” Vor didn’t answer and I started to worry. I figured we’d just have to swim to shore, but then realized the bus was floating and Vor had ability to steer.

Without explaining any of it, Vor brought us to a port where we docked inside a large hanger. I slowly came to realize that Vor had bigger plans in the UK than just vacationing. There were many people inside the hangar, including a friend who was at the party and had arrived before us. I couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on but I was willing to go with the flow.

Dream Journal: Crocodilians

DS(1) which started waking up late in the morning but to sunlight. I walked around the apartment and found we had an extensive VHS collection that I didn’t know about. I realized I must be dreaming and so went back to bed.

Sleep transitioned into a daytime environment of a cement house of unique architecture built directly onto a lake. The lake housed both salt and freshwater animals in an abnormal abundance. I explored on a canoe and at one point was almost carried by swift currents into a gathering of alligators and crocodiles waiting in the rapids. Narrowly escaping, I paddled to a nearby abandoned cement structure built by the water’s edge. Inside there were many fishermen and a cat with a drug script pinned to it’s collar. DXM, the script read.

My girlfriend woke after me and said, “I just had a nightmare.”

“About what?” I asked.