Sync Photo Journal: Art Opening

Tonight I went with my mom to the opening night of the gallery I had recently submitted paintings to. My main reason for going was that there was a series of colorful abstract paintings that I saw while dropping off my submissions and I wanted to meet the artist and potentially make a new friend. I imagined they would be around my age and male based on their aesthetic. I told my girlfriend this and she thought I was being presumptuous- which I was.

My mom wandered off and ended up meeting up with a friend of hers from her master gardening course who she then introduced me to. Her friend was very informative- telling me of different opportunities to show art in the area. After a brief award ceremony for those who had won the juried competition the three of us walked around talking about some of the pieces. I saw one of the paintings that had previously caught my eye and headed towards it to get a look at the artist’s name. My mom’s friend proceeded to describe her process and I realized she was the artist I had come to meet. Ha! That was convenient.

So much for my preconceptions. As usual, things work out with more connectivity and less predictability than what is imagined in my head, and I am better off for that. She gave me a lot of good advice and recommendations to follow up on. It is nice to know that my mom has some cool friends here that I can be friends with also.


Sync Photo Journal: Fort Meade

As fate would have it, I have found myself entangled once again with reverberations echoed from 2014’s hyperreal experiment known as the NSA (Nameless Syndicated Archives), by moving to Fort Meade. No, not the Fort Meade in Maryland where the other NSA is based out of, but named after the same General George Meade nonetheless. I am taking it as a sign to somewhat reboot the project under a different premise.

Glitches and Easter Eggs (+1337hex): Synchronicity as Game Mechanics

The human experience has always been gamed in one form or another. To understand dynamics of reality as having predictable odds based on statistics and formula is a rational perspective which enhances the ability to will outcomes for any individual player or collective of players. This simple principle of studying reality as having mechanics which are constants of predictability is the bases of game design (ex: gravity).

As we move further towards the perfection of simulation in gaming (AGI) and simultaneously discover through physics that we are living in what appears to suggest a fractalized projection several layers removed from base reality, ideas of glitches and Easter eggs existing in our reality seem plausible (if not already apparent).

Consider this from all angles and from many levels that you are both a player and a designer.

Sync Recall: Verschränkung Gedankenkontrolle

Durring and after the NSA, throughout 2014, I moderated an online forum which was created to discuss MK-Ultra and other such related experiments. The group was titled “MK-Ultra Bad Trips (Find Muck)”, and through it I met a woman who claimed to be a lifelong victem of human trafficking and blackops medical experimentation. The odd part to her story (besides being raised on Yale campus, used as a child in a skull and bones ceremony, and a human labrat for Doctor Jose Delgado’s experimental brain implant technology) was that before her relatively  recent  move to the UK she had lived in the same small town I was living in.

She told me about being hired to cater for parties in a secret banquet hall beneath the plaza of my town and was shocked to find as much evidence of this as being true as possible without actually being invited. Needless to say this all spooked me out a bit, especially with her telling me how hopelessly fucked everything was on the otherside of the curtain. We talked through skype and private messanger for several months before she disappeared. I spent a lot of time researching her claims; even interviewed her allegedly abusive adopted mother and (by the time I interviewed him) ex-husband in the UK.

I had written a more detailed account of this two weeks ago and decided not to publish it, but then last week I received an email from this individual informing me she had written a book about her experience in human trafficking which can be read here. After several years, strange timing to be contacted just after reapproaching the matter. I am conflicted about including this sync, but am doing so to get it out of the way.

Sync Recall: 1/31 131

January 30th, 1985, my mother was visiting Abington Memorial Hospital when suddenly she went into premature labor. I was born in the early hours of the 31st.  1/31

Though I was put in an incubator, I tore the heart monitors off my chest. My parents decided to name me Eric David Cowan- which, in simple gematria (a=1,b=2,c=3,…z=26), equals 131.

131 is the 32nd prime number- the preceding prime of 137. Locamotive 131 is a fictional train from Back to the Future III used to speed the delorean time machine to 88mph and send Marty back to 1985.

Sync Recall: Black Madonna

One winter’s night, 2015, I was struck with the impulse to take a recent collage/painting I had done to a desolate field a few blocks from my house and leave it in the grass. I cut through the field regularly on my way to the grocery store and did so after dropping off the painting. It was an abstract image but somewhat implied a fish and in my mind resonated with the covert symbolic gesturing of early-christians (before being taken on as a tool for empire building).


It had to have been less than ten minutes before I returned to the field from the grocery store. To my surprise the painting was already gone and in its place was a Black Madonna (often associated with Mary Magdalene) figurine and little wooden box containing a decorative skull and key.

It seemed; still seems to me, impossible that someone could have found the painting, took it, returned to drop off these items, and vanished in the ammount of time it took me to return. The figurine also reminded me of Persephone and so I placed the morning glory seeds I had saved from many years before inside the base of the statue and have used it as an altar piece since.

Sync Recall: Naughty Guru

00individual commented on Sync Recall: SNLSD

This is true; “strange attracts strange”. I have experienced many trips where situations that would never happen, do happen, in reality while tripping. It is a real phenomenon that I believe come about when the level of strange brings about like strange events.


Another LSD inspired sync happened in 2008 at a music festival. My girlfriend at the time and I took acid before going to a mid-day yoga class that was being held on a grassy hill overlooking the main stage. In my experience, taking LSD broad daylight, and in public, is an invitation for some awkward moments- probably mostly in one’s head, but potentially spilling out into the quasi-objective realm of subtle psychic/social interactions. For this reason, many people discourage tripping in festival type atmospheres, and at this point, I would generally agree with them. Though, kids will be kids.

My girlfriend had only done acid one other time, also at a festival, and had a bad impression- “too synthetic”, she said, claiming to prefer mushrooms. So, I was going into it with some anxiety about her not enjoying herself and having to deal with hours of “I wish this was over” type of regret on her part. It was her choice though and I figured I may as well go along since I was a big fan of LSD and thought it would be easier to watch over her if we were in a similar head space.

I recognized the yoga instructor from another music festival about a year before. I was on mushrooms at the time and playing drums with a few other people around a fire. I suspected she was hitting on me because afterwards my friend told me that she was stalking me- a little creepy. So, here she was yelling at everyone to follow her lead as she demonstrated various poses. My girlfriend was also a yoga instructor and I guess was rushing into the next position before instructed because the woman came over and started micromanaging her form. This is about when the acid kicked in.

“Oh, honey, you are going to have to go to a doctor. You have scoliosis really bad!” she said as she forcibly pushed down on my girlfriends lower back until it was hurting her. My girlfriend and I looked at each other with a nonverbal, “what the fuck is wrong with this bitch?” At one point I reached out to hold her hand, to reassure her that everything would be fine. A shadow fell over us as the instructor loomed over and said, “oh, how cute are you two?”

Under normal circumstances I would have written this woman off as a tactless and petty cunt but with the LSD taking full effect I felt like she presented a very real existential threat. Keep in mind, I hadn’t mentioned to my girlfriend my prior encounter with this woman which was making it all the more creepy to me, but without saying anything the dynamic was still obvious and felt like it was being projected out over the entire festival. We ended with a silent meditation which was anything but silent as there was a band performing on stage at the same time.

“Close your eyes.” We were instructed. As I started to slip into some pretty closed eye visuals my attention snapped to the band playing, whose female vocalist sounded a lot like our yoga instructor, “I’m your naughty guru… I’m going to get inside your mind and screw you…” and it went on like that. With my eyes closed I could imagine she had wondered onto the stage and was proceeding to mind fuck us in front of thousands of people. It became too much. At a certain point I had to just crack up laughing because I could tell that our instructor could tell what I was thinking and I could tell she was the one who was coming off as an asshole in front of anyone with the eyes to see what was going on.

We both sat there for a while after, sort of glowing in the aftermath of weird tension and the instructor came up to us and apologized to us both. We all laughed about what had happened without going into detail and then went our seperate ways. The night ended up being not so bad for us, though I saw several people go full-on cartoon meltdown and, yeah, acid isn’t really meant for those settings.